What we do

Using skills and know-how acquired from careers across various industries, we work on addressing societal issues at the intersection between: Climate, Digitalisation and Humanity. 

We connect you through our platforms. We empower you to use your particular set of skills to contribute to the benefit of society. We innovate by connecting you with people and organisations through new tools and enabling everyone to realise new ideas. 

The EFF fulfills its objectives through two main activities: network and project development.
Network development:

Too many non-profit organisations exist in and around the Brussels bubble that all share the same or similar goals. Yet, instead of working together, most organisations only think of expanding their own influence and instead compete with others, despite there being very little funding for this kind of effort. Furthermore, these organisations damage each other’s ability to be heard and influence policy makers and other relevant stakeholders, by dividing their forces.
We want to put a stop to this practice and unite all organisations. But unlike some organisations that have tried to do so in the past, our goal is not a merger or a centralised committee to rule them all, but a network of equals that works together when and where their goals aline.

The EFF Partner network serves as the first proper implementation of the circular economy concept in the civic space. We provide a free service for our network. The partners and members contribute their own work and content to our platform(s) and help grow them and the network, which gives us a greater capacity to service the network. Thus, a symbiotic ever-growing relationship with mutual benefit is established. 

Democracy is a frail system that lives only as long as there is civic engagement. Without active citizens, democracies decay and fall. Our contribution is to stimulate active citizenship through our network and projects.

Project development:

We develop local and pan-European projects both alone and with our partners to benefit European society. Our priority is to focus on the most misunderstood and neglected issues we face and on projects that will address them with maximum impact and relatively little fanfare.

Any EFF member (which means basically everyone) can join our projects and even pitch their own. If we believe it to be worthwhile, we will help you set it up and promote it for you.

Our volunteers not only gain valuable experience through our sophisticated projects, they also gain a reputation. Many of our volunteers go on to amazing jobs and multiple employers have cited their project results as deciding factors for hiring them.

There are short-term projects, such as events and video series, and long-term projects, such as our digital solutions and publications. To find out more about our current projects, please consult our projects page.


The ciruclar economy of the EFF.

How we benefit individuals and organisations in Europe.

Benefits for EFF members: 

  • Free base-level membership with access to our internal communications platform and job marketplace. Of course, this also includes the feeling of being part of a community. 
  • The ability to volunteer with us, granting great experience with potential for impact. Many of our volunteers become more employable as a result of their publicly visible contributions. 
  • The chance of being hired into an available EFF position, given enough talent and dedication. 
  • Access to a network of great professionals in various countries across Europe and beyond, with whom they can connect. 
  • The chance to join or start a local EFF team of volunteers. 
  • The chance to contribute to or start their own EFF project. 
    • EFF projects benefit from the established stellar reputation of the EFF. 
    • They are chaperoned until they are ready to become independent. At this point they are free to do as they like and remain a valued member of the partner network. This way they can evolve how they need to, while maintaining their connection with us. 

Benefits for EFF partners: 

  • Free access to a network of like-minded and reliable partner organisations.
    • The ability to form ad-hoc collaboration for specific events and projects with them. 
    • No need to pay into the common pot. 
    • No need to follow another organisation’s agenda. 
    • Continued independence and development while benefiting from the EFF brand. 
    • Voluntary ability to form closer links with us and pay for additional services. 
  • Increased visibility to potential partners, volunteers and funders. 
  • Benefit from the continued growth and success of the network. <-> Never have to fear competition or backstabbing from EFF network partners. 
  • Eventually: Overview and direct targeting of all funding opportunities in Europe.
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