What we do

The EFF fulfills its objectives through two main activities: network and project development.


Network development:

Too many non-profit organisations exist in and around the Brussels bubble that all share the same or similar goals. Yet, instead of working together, most organisations only think of expanding their own influence and instead compete with others, despite there being very little funding for this kind of effort. Furthermore, these organisations damage each other’s ability to be heard and influence policy makers and other relevant stakeholders, by dividing their forces.
We want to put a stop to this practice and unite all organisations. But unlike some organisations that have tried to do so in the past, our goal is not a merger or a centralised committee to rule them all, but a network of equals that works together when and where their goals aline.

These organisations and individuals can then share resources and create new innovative projects together.


Project development:

Local and Cross-Border Community Projects

The EFF is present in many different countries and locations. In each city and region we are active, our local teams create their own community projects, based on the needs and possibilities in their area. These projects are geared towards at least one or multiple of our main goals and can be both short lived and long-term in nature. Successful projects may also be extended across borders, scaling up in size as demand and capacity grow. Cross-border projects may also happen outright were feasible and logical.


Pan-European Projects

Pan-European projects are started by agreement of all our branches if the opportunity presents itself to start a larger project with a European impact. These projects are coordinated by our European Board, but implemented by our local branches.. Pan-European projects have a far larger scale than all other activities and therefore require its own project management team, which is recruited from the local branches and acts as its executive board, dealing with day to day operations, while the European Board of the EFF ensures the overall compliance and goal orientation of the project with EFF standards.