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Pan-European Partners

New Europeans

New Europeans is a pro-European civil rights organisation based in Brussels and London which champions the rights of citizens and all who live and work in the European space. We work for a Europe of the citizens, of equality, social justice and human rights and are organised on the basis of chapters or branches in many different cities and regions across Europe.

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BETA Europe

BETA is a politically independent and non-profit association founded in Germany in 2008. Its name stands for Bringing Europeans Together Association because this is their mission: to strengthen the European society by encouraging democratic processes and consciousness about the plurality of European identities, both on national and international level.

The expression of this goal is to actively support such political simulations as the Model European Union (MEU), events which allow young people to engage in politics, discovering the founding principles behind Europe through a first hand experience of the democratic process.

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CUBE. Your take on Europe is a social project aiming to create an inclusive participation channel for young people in Europe. CUBE wants all young people in Europe to envisage the future they want to live in. CUBE prioritises in gathering diverse young opinions, taking into account all kinds of discriminatory experiences that young people have and on which grounds they are excluded from the political process. CUBE overcomes this structural exclusion by reaching out to schools, where, to a certain age, all young people come together. This approach is complemented by a possibility to extend our concept to youth centres.
CUBE facilitates this process in three steps: it provides a workshop toolkit to be facilitated in all context youth engages in, it gathers and analyses the results of those workshops and advocates for them at the EU institutions.

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STAND UP FOR EUROPE is a pan-European citizens’ movement working to raise the awareness of our shared interests as Europeans and enabling individuals to take action starting from their own cities and towns all around the EU. To do so Stand Up for Europe is creating teams in every European city. More than 1.500 members have already joined Stand Up for Europe and over 119,000 people follows them on Facebook allowing reaching out to over one million people every week. Stand Up for Europe is also facilitating the creation of students' groups in universities and has a support committee made up of leading personalities from the world of culture, politics, business and academia.

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Katoikos is an online magazine with the goal of reaching normal citizens across Europe, get them interested in European affairs in the largest possible sense, and encourage them to engage in horizontal dialogue. Their goal is also to help fellow EU citizens to develop opinions on European issues that we often do not know much about, although we should and we must, because they impact our lives.

Katoikos also works with us on our first original project Euro Babble.

EuroPeace Parade 2020

Europe needs to celebrate Europe with massive Europe-wide festivities on Europe Day!
To celebrate the successes of the EU project, for giving us peace, freedom and prosperity, and to tackle Euroscepticism and increasing nationalism, the youth in all 28 EU member countries to organize massive street festivals in all 28 capitals for all citizens on “Europe Day” (9th May), and make Europe Day a free public holiday across Europe! 

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Local Partners


Albanian Citizens Club

Albanian Citizens Club (Klubi Qytetar Shqiptar) was founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting Human Rights, Civic Duties and European Values among Albanians, ideas and the principles of civil society within the context of European Integration Process of Albania’s and other Albanian speaking countries and communities in the Balkans, and the integration of Albanian citizens already living in EU countries. As of 2019, ACC is mainly focused in the Judicial Reform in Albania and the advancement of Albanian culture, through publications and support for Albanian writers, artists and academics, the social integration of Albanians living in EU countries, and Human Rights of Albanian asylum seekers in the EU.

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Routes | Die Europa-Reise in deiner Stadt

Routes die Europareise bringt für einen Tag Europa in deine Stadt und ermöglicht es allen, Europa hautnah zu erleben. Einmal im Jahr, rund um den Europatag am 9. Mai, öffnet Routes deine Augen für all das Europäische, das dich in deiner Stadt umgibt. Und in Zukunft geht es weiter in andere europäische Städte: Bratislava, Tallin, Kassel oder Sevilla – vielleicht kommt die Routes bald auch schon in deine Stadt!

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Win² Uni Management Club

winquadrat | Uni Management Club richtet sich an engagierte Studierende und Young Professionals, die als EntscheidungsträgerInnen von morgen Verantwortung für sich und die Gesellschaft übernehmen wollen.

Tauscht euch mit inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten aus. Fragt um Rat, fragt um Unterstützung, fragt um Erfahrung. Lernt von Topunternehmen, Weltmarktführern und NGOs. Lernt von Politikern und CEOs, lernt von Wissenschaftern. Lernt euch selbst kennen. Findet heraus was euch begeistert. Und dann findet heraus, wer euch am besten dabei unterstützt.

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Edutopia Vienna

Edutopia is a two week summer academy that prototypes how the future of university should look like. We want to create a collaborative learning space which fosters a completely different learning approach fit to awaken the responsibly thinking changemaker in every learner. We will focus on an overall sustainable world while taking into account personal growth and reflective awareness. In Edutopia we are looking for open-minded and creative people to step into action and work on real challenges of organisations while co-developing future higher education.

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Brussels Brief

BrusselsBrief is a weekly newsletter for millennials. They collate and curate the best international media content about the #EU to make it great again #MEUGA.

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The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby is a first of its kind skill-sharing community that was founded in 2015. The mission of The Good Lobby is to foster assertive citizenship so as to create more accountable societies. We and our volunteers support the legal and policy advocacy work carried out by NGOs across Europe, we foster pro bono collaborations, we carry out advocacy training, and we connect communities of public interest actors so as to build unconventional alliances. The Good Lobby offers its services in lobbying and advocacy to those NGOs that want to improve their connections with and understanding of EU policy-making and how to include or strengthen their lobbying efforts.
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CFEP - Centre For European Progression

CFEP is a politically independent Brussels-based think tank, focusing on the future of the European Union. Their concept is to provide a constructive ambience for discussions about the future of Europe in an informal, well-balanced and open way. They organise a series of events to help all professionals, experts and academics to share their ideas about various aspects of European politics. They also support workshops, trainings and events for university students, interns and trainees.

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A fictional  Directorate-General that talks about  priorities.  MEME is the only Directorate-General that aims to your daily entertainment. Political goal: a monthly 3% increase of the MEME/post ratio

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EU Events

EU Events gathers in a single, intuitive and access-free web- portal all EU-related events in Brussels, organised by the European Institutions, EU Permanent Representations, regional and national representations, EU agencies, universities, think-tanks, political parties, consultancies, lobbies and NGOs. This action is completed and complemented with a continuous presence on all main social media, where we look forward for an interaction and exchange with our followers. We want us citizens to find all the upcoming events easily, to adapt our agenda accordingly and to promptly register, to be informed on any change of venue or date, to fruitfully attend and actively participate to the EU events we are most interested in.

Such spirit is well expressed in our motto “Follow, Attend, Connect”.

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Jubel Festival

Democracy festivals are rooted in the Nordic and Baltic countries' DNA, where some of them have been growing for 50 years. In view of their popularity, similar festivals have now been created  in Germany and the Netherlands and new ones could be created shortly in Belarus, France and the UK. Altogether, these manifestations attracted last year 430.000 people.Every year, politicians, organisations and citizens come together for a democratic convention with dozens of events, happenings, debates, forums, cultural activities and games on the agenda, where all sorts of life's topics are being addressed. The goal of Jubel is to create similar emulation with regards to European issues, in a broad sense.

Curious about what is a Democracy Festival?  Here are some pictures of what it looks like :

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Brussels Brief

BrusselsBrief is a weekly newsletter for millennials. They collate and curate the best international media content about the #EU to make it great again #MEUGA.

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JEF Belgium

JEF Belgium (Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes) helps young people find their place in the European Union. By organizing street actions, guided tours, debates and seminars, they try to make sure that young people are aware of the issues in Europe today and the future. They have five local sections - in Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, Louvain-la-Neuve, and Liège.

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Eyes on Europe

Born in 2004, Eyes on Europe is an association based in Brussels with a dual goal. Composed solely of students, our aim is to enable them to develop professional skills, to become autonomous and responsible as well as to blossom through a project of their own. Working with a horizontal youth-to-youth approach, we also strive for raising awareness of European citizens, and the development of a critical but fair mindset towards the European Union.

For 12 years we have been publishing a magazine every year. We also organize conferences, debates, visits, social activities and partnerships with other European and local organizations.

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EU-Logos Athéna

EU-Logos is an observatory of European politics, which focuses on the area of Freedom, Security and Justice in order to keep citizens informed about the challenges surrounding current European affairs.
Published on a weekly basis, quality articles provide in-depth analyses to understand the dynamics of EU policies.

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Vi Vil Europa

The people's voice is missing in the EU debate. Therefore, a wide network of organizations and political parties will bring the EU debate to the Danes. 
We do this with the initiative 'We Want Europe'.

We will meet both the optimism and the skepticism that is present in the debate about Europe. We want to go to Denmark's homes and at their workplaces. Out to the young people at the educational institutions and visiting the elderly at the country's day centers. And we will provide educational opportunities for young people on the country's education programs and to the Danish elderly who dream of getting into Europe.

All of this will be done through four targeted projects: 1001 Home, Roadtrip, Our EU and Erasmus ++.

We want Europe - do you want?

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The European Moment

We are a platform for pro-Europeans, open to everyone who recognises the value of a peaceful and united Europe.
Now more than ever, we want to stand up passionately for the future of the European project, countering populism and nationalism with a constructive voice that isn’t afraid to speak out about critical issues.

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Engagieren für Europa

We offer a platform for anybody in Munich who wants to get involved in the discourse about our joint European future, providing an overview of relevant events in the area and guidelines on how to participate in the political process. Engagieren für Europa seeks to facilitate the debate about tangible propositions to solve Europe’s challenges ahead, independently across political parties.

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Europa United

Europa United Media Company is a non-profit Irish/German organisation and is incorporated in Ireland. Their goal is help to encourage conversation and opinion on the Europe of today though our publications and work as well as providing a platform that supports aspiring writers. Europa United receives no third party financial assistance and is not connected to any media organisation or political party. All their contributors and team members are volunteers. Their publications are their own original work and it is to be noted that their contributors' views are expressively their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Europa United.

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Italics Magazine

Italics Magazine is an independent Italian online magazine aiming at becoming a reference for readers, professionals and foreign press interested in covering Italian issues thoroughly, appealing to diverse fields of interests and schools of thoughts. We are aware that our country is lacking a complete, in-depth, across-the-board, international and neutral source of information in English. Therefore, we realized that the World needs an ‘Italy inside-out’ storytelling abroad. This would allow foreign readers who do not speak Dante’s language to receive first hand information and opinion from ‘The Boot’, not necessarily and exclusively filtered by foreign sources.

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The Netherlands

Student Forum Maastricht

Student Forum Maastricht (SFM) is an annual international academic conference bringing together students and professionals to discuss Europe-related topics.

Their aim is to provide a platform where interested students can exchange ideas and engage in fruitful discussions. SFM offers a successful and productive way to put issues of concern and challenges for the European Union into a more practical context.

In different workshops, students can apply their knowledge and profit from the experience of professionals coming from an academic, political or economic background. The interdisciplinary approach creates the opportunity to gain insights from various fields. At the end of the conference, the proposals drafted by the working groups will be submitted to the European Commission.

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BETA Scotland

BETA Scotland promotes European citizenship through educational and cultural exchange - strengthening ties between Scotland and the rest of Europe.

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Inspiring Change

Inspiring change aims to build the capacity of art and cultural community and empower their participation in civil society by promoting social freedom and active citizenship. inspiring change works around this idea through the following activities: sharing opportunities for artists and cultural workers – art residencies, training, courses, collaboration opportunities; promoting travel as a way of non formal learning; hosting art residencies and training courses for art entrepreneurship, offering creative mentorship for emerging artists of all age and experience, building capacity of art and cultural society, empowering socially engaged art forms; gathering info on alternative art spaces around the globe, where artists can find ateliers for free or for contribution compensations; offering free guidance for individuals who aim to develop their art projects that are socially engaged, by assisting them in project management, fundraising activities and reaching broader audience.

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The Liberal Herald

The Liberal Herald is an interdisciplinary academic platform founded in late 2012 by a group of undergraduate students at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA). It was born of the necessity to establish a stable intellectual forum for aspiring scholars from Central Europe and beyond. Since its inauguration, The Liberal Herald has emerged to provide both students and accomplished academics a chance to discuss pressing issues in politics, philosophy, sociology, and the arts.

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Declaration Stop Defamation

The intitiative Declaration Stop Defamation aims to contribute to public awareness about the problem of defamation. The initiative was launched by the Educational Center Eksena in Slovenia.

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Europeístas are people just like you, worried about the current political and social situation, worried about the growth of populism and extremism all over Europe and the world, which threatens to undo years of work towards a strong and peaceful European Union. But they are not mere Europhiles, they want to react to the Union's own flaws and address them, with more democracy, more transparency and more cohesion.

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Institute of Innovative Governance

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent, non-governmental organization which aims to promote innovations through the interaction with various governmental and civil society actors and conduct high-quality policy research and projects. Our priority is to ensure that civil society is benefiting from the technological and innovational advancement. Thus, conducting independent high-quality research and the implementation of civic-tech projects beneficial to the public interest is the essence of the Institute's work, guided by the core principles of the organization – innovations and human rights. Institute is currently running projects in Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova and Kazakhstan but is opened for cooperation worldwide.

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Institutional Partners

Committee of the Regions

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is an EU advisory body composed of locally and regionally elected representatives coming from all 28 Member States. Through the CoR they are able to share their opinion on EU legislation that directly impact regions and cities.

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European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU). Together with the Council of the European Union (the Council) and the European Commission, it exercises the legislative function of the EU. The Parliament is composed of 751 members, who represent the second-largest democratic electorate in the world (after the Parliament of India) and the largest trans-national democratic electorate in the world (375 million eligible voters in 2009).


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