Reform the EU

The European Union is the most monumental achievement in the history of reconciliation and peace keeping. It has helped us to restore our war-torn villages, towns and countries and ensured we could move forward together, without having to worry about another war. But we have not moved forward fast enough. Our progress has been stalled by our own apathy, indecision and fears of change, as well as the lack of leadership and vision displayed by our political representatives in the last thirty years. It is time we, the citizens, reclaim the European project for ourselves and ensure national implementation of European law is representative of its original intent and that adequate reforms to the institutional setup are implemented, so that we continue to enjoy the benefits of the EU, while also guaranteeing the EU’s main objective remains the improvement of citizen’s lives.


Reach and Involve Disconnected Citizens
In order to truly reclaim Europe for its citizens, we must first lower our fences and unite citizens from all walks of life, whether they are educated or not, wealthy or not, religious or not and whether or not they live in the big city centre hubs or on the periphery. Our job is to reach all these people and to bring them together to fight for a common Europe.


Educate the Citizenry about Europe
Most citizens do not know much about Europe if anything at all. That is why we must also do our part to spread the word and use our knowledge and expertise to present and explain Europe in all its facets so that everyone can understand and get behind it.


Educate the EU about its Citizenry
Finally, our mission must also be to educate those living and working in the “Euro Bubble” about their citizens and their needs and desires. Just as we must speak the language of common people, we also have to present the people’s concerns in a language and format that will reach and convince top level EU officials.


World domination
Having achieved all this, we will then venture forth to spread our power and influence to the rest of the planet, establishing a new age of European colonialism and centralisation, declaring ourselves rulers of the world. All shall bask in our glory! Wait who put this here, this isn’t what we… Hey, who are you, what are you doing with that… No, wait, please… I have a family… Oh, God, no, please, noooooo!!…
(You’ve got to have a sense of humour if you want to survive in a political environment.)

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