Our Team

Founder & President

Dominik Kirchdorfer

"I founded the EFF after I experienced both the great potential, and the many fractures between and within pro-European organisations. If we cannot unite civil society, how can we expect politicians to unite Europe?"

Dominik is a European writer and entrepreneur of Austrian and Polish descent. He studied Political Science at the University of Vienna and holds a postgraduate degree in EU Politics from the LSE and in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. His passion is storytelling and he wants to do everything in his power to give the story of Europe a happy ending.

Dominik currently represents the EFF both in Austria and as its European President. He also serves as Managing Editor for Euro Babble and Italics Magazine.

Danish Branch Representative

Emma Ager Jønbech

Emma believes in fostering connections and meaningful debate across borders as an important tool to acheive understanding and unity in an increasingly divisive Europe.

Emma is a student of European Business at Copenhagen Business School. Conferences and personal development courses across the world have taught her a profound understanding of connection between people, not bound by geopolitics. Emma is skilled in business matters, communication and psychology.

Emma is leading our Danish branch and is a staunch advocate of environmental sustainability.

Belgian Branch Representative

Stanislas Demeestere

Besides leading the Belgian Branch, Stanislas writes policy proposals to form the link between the EFF, its partners and the EU institutions.

Stanislas is an International and European Law student at Vesalius College in Brussels. He supports his theoretical understanding with practical experience in diplomacy and writing policies for the EP and the Think 20 Summit at the Global Economic Symposium.

As a former South African ranger and conservationist, he maintains a strong passion and committment to environmental sustainability.

Communications Director

Riccardo Venturi

Riccardo is responsible for the EFF's communication strategy and team. He is also the founder of the Italics Magazine.

Riccardo is an Italian editor, copywriter and communications professional with experience in media, international organisations, think tanks and multinational companies, like Google. He studied International Relations in Rome and holds a postgraduate degree in EU Politics from the LSE.

He primarily works as the EFF’s Communications Director. Besides this, he founded the Italics Magazine, an independent online magazine.

Head of Graphical Design

Rosanna Carnovale

Rosanna is responsible for all our visual and brand designs and occassionally also supplies Euro Babble with some illustrations.

Rosanna is a freelance graphic designer and visual artist based in Rome. Previously she worked in communication agencies and start-ups. She studied Communication in Rome and obtained a postgraduate degree in Design, Visual and Multimedia Communication from Lisbon and the Luca School of Arts of Genk.

Her practice ranges from illustration to photography, painting, art installations, books, posters and corporate design. She acts as the EFF’s Creative Director.

Project Manager of Europe Goes to School

Kevin Kaiser

As co-founder of the EFF’s Austrian Branch, Kevin is involved in the development of several projects, including Europe Goes to School.

Kevin is a Master Student of Political Science at the University of Vienna with a special focus on EU and international affairs. He also gained practical experience at diplomatic missions and the European Commission.

His main aim is to educate people about the European Union and to fascinate them for the European project.

Editor In Chief of Euro Babble

Philip Moore

Philip primarily works on the Euro Babble project, where he serves as its chief editor.

Philip is a European educator of French and British descent. He studied Political Science at Sciences Po Paris and holds a postgraduate degree in European Studies from the LSE. His main passions are making complex ideas easier to understand and breaking down cultural barriers between Europeans. His day job is as a partner and lead instructional designer for Didask, an ed tech platform based on cognitive science.

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