About Us

The EFF is a one-of-a-kind European civic project development network. Unlike classic civil society organisations, we represent a diverse and non-homogeneous group of people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Using skills and know-how acquired from careers across various industries, we work on communication and education projects to promote human rights, equity, environmental protection, democracy, active citizenship and social cohesion, among other important causes. But above all, we are offering a platform for anyone to join and actively contribute to. Because we believe everyone has a particular set of skills they can contribute to the benefit of society.

We place particular emphasis on new technologies and social innovation and are actively building our own Europe-wide network of organisations and individuals to better establish European civil society and reduce competition between non-profits. 

Our Structures

As a member of the EFF you can participate in our projects and develop your own with the sole purpose of making a difference.
Alternatively, you can engage in the EFF organisation as part of our teams and contribute towards our services that benefit our projects and our partners.
Lastly, we are also offering professional services to private businesses that want to enhance the social impact of their work through EFF Solutions. To learn more please get in touch via office@europeanfutureforum.org.

Why European Future Forum? 

Our name is our programme. 

We are European. That means we confine our activities to the continent of Europe. While we are quite ambitious and hope to eventually stretch out further, Europe is already a big place (and quite a mess). That is why we have elected to work on ourselves first and bring European civil society closer together. Although we do offer members the ability to create outposts outside of Europe.

Right now, civil society in Europe is fractured and mostly local and national. There are only few European connections and collaborations, mostly between organisations who are firmly pro-EU in their beliefs. We want to ensure every organisation out there gets a chance to be involved in this cross-border collaboration and the benefits it entails. 

The Future is our common ground. Society is divided worldwide. But to overcome these divisions we need to find a common ground, something we can agree on. The most abstract and indeed desirable notion is the future. We all have hopes and fears for the future and that is why we can connect by sharing them with each other and discussing how we would like to live together in the future. This requires a common set of universally accepted truths, or facts, and the ability to listen and understand each other. That is why our main areas of activity lie in communication and education. 

We are a Forum. A forum in the ancient Roman tradition is not an assembly or a conference, where people network, or hold their committee votes. A forum is an open space, where people come and go to find out about what is going on, share ideas and experiences and find ways to work together. That is what we are offering civil society in Europe. We are not forcing you to merge with us, we are not interested in stealing your ideas or imposing centralised structures with huge responsibilities on you. Our partner network allows organisations to exchange ideas and form ad hoc collaborations, where it makes sense for them. They retain their complete autonomy and identity, preserving the diversity of European civil society, while increasing cross-border collaboration and decreasing the negative aspects of competition in the non-profit sector. 

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