EFF Fair – New and Upcoming Projects!

Join us on June 9th for insight into our existing and upcoming projects! We have been working hard to develop our projects and we hope you join the EFF Fair to better understand our current initiatives and goals for each project. We will be discussing three projects: Europe Goes to School, Climate Babble, and Euro Babble.

Euro Babble, our most solidified project at the moment, features in-depth investigative pieces on key under-reported European issues, translations of compelling local European news stories that slipped under the radar, stereotype-busting, fact-checking and explainer articles, and waffle-free interviews of leading European figures.

The Climate Babble Project is an application of Euro Babble’s approach to citizen-journalism in the context of climate and environmental topics. By highlighting the interplay between climate change and social, political, legal, and economic developments, we see Climate Babble as an instrument to organise events, podcasts, and other forms of engagements to promote environmental and climate knowledge and advocacy. 

The Europe Goes to School Project will initially act as a resource to access existing educational initiatives within the EU. By providing analyses and comparisons of these existing projects, Europe Goes to School will serve as a platform for anyone interested in learning about Europe to receive the best information. Ultimately, the project aims to grow from a resource into its own independent educational initiative, providing accurate, fact-based information about the institutions of the EU.

Hope to see you there!

When: Wednesday, June 9th at 18:30-19:30 CEST

Where: Online Microsoft Teams

How: Sign up below!


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