EFF Slovenia starts up with “Declaration Stop Defamation” for the “Initiative for the World Stop Defamation Day”

The EFF is proud to announce that Pascale Emily Jurenec is joining our team as our new Slovenian chairwoman. She is excited to start working on spreading the EFF network across the country and is starting with the project Declaration Stop Defamation.
The Educational Center Eksena from Slovenia recently published an English version of their Declaration Stop Defamation and the EFF is happy to partner with this very important initiative and promote their initiative on a European scale.

At the Educational Center Eksena they encourage the realization of human rights in everyday life of people and strive for a social progress and better standards of life through their education programs in the field of personal relations and through many different non-profit philanthropic projects in accordance with their vision “to return respect, compassion and love to the individual, with that his true value and so to help create a society that is successful and creative, without being destructive.”

In the framework of these efforts they made a Slovenian translation of UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and each year on the International Day for Tolerance (16th of November) they organize a project for kindergartens, primary and high schools and all other youth organizations with the aim to promote tolerance and friendship.

They also have a project “Stop defamation” to contribute to public awareness about the problem of defamation. Under the project they also published a Declaration Stop defamation in which they wrote: “the definition of defamation varies in different countries and societies, but in this declaration, defamation is defined as malicious spreading of lies, half-truths, distorted, biased, incomplete, or unverified information about another person or a group of people in order to harm them. In the modern world of electronic communications, internet and online social media defamation is increasing and it’s widespread as never before, because it was never before so simple to transmit information to such a large number of people. At the same time defamation is getting dangerous new dimensions through hate speech and fake news with a harmful consequences”. For the purposes of raising awareness about the harmful consequences of defamation and encouraging tolerance, understanding, and peace, they ask the United Nations to declare 10 October as WORLD STOP DEFAMATION DAY.

If you are interested in participating in their projects, contact them via the details found below.

Contact details:

Nejc Jelen, project leader, Educational Center Eksena

+386 41 777 631

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