The EFF reaches Norway

The EFF – European Future Forum has spread across multiple countries in the European Union over the last year. We have also woven a network of partners that now stretches beyond the confines of the EU. As such, our natural next step is to expand our own operations beyond the union. We have now taken this step with the establishment of the EFF in Norway.

Norway is the best possible place to start the EFF’s enlargement outside the EU. While Norway is not an EU member state, it is part of the Schengen area, allowing for easy travel between our EFF members. It is also part of the Single Market, through its EFTA membership. The geographical closeness to our branch in Denmark further made it an excellent candidate.

Our Norwegian Chairwoman, Vilde Ingeborg Holtan Håvardsrud

The branch is led by our Chairwoman Vilde Ingeborg Holtan Håvardsrud. Vilde is passionate about environmental sustainability and peace building, societal cohesion and unity.
She joined the EFF, because her values aligned with the organisation’s values and goals and because it gives Norwegians the opportunity to create projects and launch civil society actions within an established European network.

Norway is often excluded from joint civil society actions with EU member state based organisations. The EFF will enable Norwegian individuals and organisations to connect and collaborate with the rest of our network, bringing European civil society closer together.

Keep a lookout for more news on EFF activities in Norway and if you want to join Vilde’s team, make sure to register as a member at and contact Vilde via mail:

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