The EFF’s First Anniversary

Today we celebrate our organisation’s official first year anniversary. We have gone through different phases of development, with our first brainstorming sessions and meetings with potential collaborators taking place as far back as May 2017. Officially we only incorporated as a legal entity in Vienna, Austria on 14th November 2017, making this our official one year anniversary.

Since then, we have come quite far. We have reached almost 1,100 people, gathered 222 people in our community and recruited over 40 volunteers to our cause across ten countries in Europe. On top of that we have gained 23 amazing partner organisations in over ten countries, among which we can also count the European Parliament. Not only that, but we have extended our partner network beyond the European Union’s borders with two partners in Serbia and Ukraine.

We have launched four projects and have been busy preparing more for the coming year. We are extremely proud to have received much positive feedback both from institutional and political players, such as political parties and MEPs, but just as proud if not even prouder that we received attention and offers from other players in the private sector, be it large multinational corporations, or SMEs that agree with our mission statement and approach. Germany’s Die BILD boulevard paper even suggested we utilise Euro Babble to bring European news to their readers.

Of course we would be lying if we said the road was rosy and not at all rocky. On occasion we have made mistakes and we also had to accept failure from time to time, but if anything, we have learned and grown from these experiences that have shaped us as an organisation and a community. Today, we joyfully celebrate one hell of a wild ride and turn our gaze to the horizon, as we have barely begun to scratch the surface of our true potential and we can already promise you that despite many great plans, year two is just the beginning. The EFF has a mission to unite European civil society across borders and we will not rest until we have achieved this goal.

To our members and followers, I would like to thank you for your support, whether passionate or casual, full-time or occasional. Your continued energy and work has turned an idea into an organisation capable of bringing about change and it has given me courage and hope for the future.

Dominik Kirchdorfer
Founder of the EFF – European Future Forum

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