The EFF reaches beyond the EU

The IIG is the EFF’s first partner outside the European Union’s borders.

Having just concluded a partnership with the Institute of Innovative Governance in Ukraine, the EFF – European Future Forum has taken its first bold step outside of the confines of the European Union. The IIG is only the first of many organisations outside the EU to join the network in the future.
EFF President Dominik Kirchdorfer had this to say on the partnership:

“We partnered with the IIG, because our mission statements and the direction of our projects fit perfectly together. That being said, we are quite happy to have found our first partner on the wider European continent, because it sends a clear statement that Europe does not end with the European Union; something we often forget inside the union.
It is important to us to connect as many European citizens as possible and that includes all those people living outside of the EU and those within that do not hold an EU passport.”

The EFF and IIG both share a strong commitment to social innovation and have decided to collaborate closely on several new events and projects, incorporating previous projects from both organisations to form new and improved projects in the spheres of social innovation, education and communication.
IIG is currently working on the following projects:

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