EFF and EP join forces for 2019 elections!

The European Parliament launched its new institutional election campaign for the 2019 European Parliament election campaign in June already. Since then, it has been in discussions with numerous actors and organisations across Europe to find the most suitable partners for their campaign. It has now recruited ten select civil society organisations to support its efforts through different means.

We are proud to announce that the EFF – European Future Forum is one of those ten organisations and is already hard at work to expand the election campaign far and wide.

Our first official appearance as partners and representatives of the European Parliament was at the Congress of Young Europeans in Prague, Czechia on September 2nd.

The next stop will be the JUBEL democracy festival in Brussels on the 22nd of September, where we will present our first print publications for the election campaign.

Stay tuned for more information on our election related activities and make sure to join the campaign yourselves using our link: http://ttimv.eu/eff

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