New Copenhagen Base Established!


The Danish branch is now established with a base in Copenhagen!

We are now open for members and volunteers in all manners of effort and time wished to contribute to existing projects or create new ones. In the Danish branch we have enormously diverse interests from environment & climate, psychology, to economics, communication, politics and much more.

The branch currently works on three projects.
1. Case learning material for teachers to future first time voters. The aim is to make the relation between the EU and their everyday life visible and tangible and increase incentive for voting in the future EU election. The project is run in partnership with the European Parliament and is 100% apolitical with the sole aim of increasing voting participation in 2019 elections.

2. Critical thinking is an ever increasingly important skill in the 21st century. We wish to create tangible and easily accessible virtual learning materials to increase collectively the skill of critical thinking.

3. A virtual book club ‘Better World Book Club’. There are so many profoundly important books to read to create a better future and rarely the time to do so. The project aims to present a comprised recap of the most essential content for the good of all European and world citizens.

If you wish to take part, reach out to our country lead Emma via mail

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