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Anna Carboni

Vice President

Robert Scholz

Digital Policy Officer

Cristina Torres Lucio-Villegas

Marketing & Communications Specialist



Gert Vanwingh

Music Specialist



About us


The EFF is a one-of-a-kind European civic project development network that utilises new tech and fosters social innovation. We are offering a platform for anyone to join and actively contribute to. Because we believe everyone has a particular set of skills they can contribute to the benefit of society.


Unlike most NGOs, we are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. Using skills and know-how acquired from careers across various industries, we work on communication and education projects to promote human rights, equity, environmental protection, democracy, active citizenship and social cohesion, among other important causes.

How can you get involved?


Become a member and contribute to our volunteer projects.

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Apply to join our growing teams and work with us for a brigther future.


You can help us pay our staff and cover minor project expenses with your donations.

How we benefit individuals and organisations in Europe.


Benefits for EFF members: 

  • Free base-level membership with access to our internal communications platform and job marketplace. Of course, this also includes the feeling of being part of a community. 
  • The ability to volunteer with us, granting great experience with potential for impact. Many of our volunteers become more employable as a result of their publicly visible contributions. 
  • The chance of being hired into an available EFF position, given enough talent and dedication. 
  • Access to a network of great professionals in various countries across Europe and beyond, with whom they can connect. 
  • The chance to join or start a local EFF team of volunteers. 
  • The chance to contribute to or start their own EFF project.
    • EFF projects benefit from the established stellar reputation of the EFF. 
    • They are chaperoned until they are ready to become independent. At this point they are free to do as they like and remain a valued member of the partner network. This way they can evolve how they need to, while maintaining their connection with us. 


Benefits for EFF partners: 

  • Free access to a network of like-minded and reliable partner organisations.
    • The ability to form ad-hoc collaboration for specific events and projects with them. 
    • No need to pay into the common pot. 
    • No need to follow another organisation’s agenda. 
    • Continued independence and development while benefiting from the EFF brand. 
    • Voluntary ability to form closer links with us and pay for additional services. 
  • Increased visibility to potential partners, volunteers and funders. 
  • Benefit from the continued growth and success of the network. <-> Never have to fear competition or backstabbing from EFF network partners. 
  • Eventually: Overview and direct targeting of all funding opportunities in Europe.


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